We provide total and complete acoustic treatment in architectural acoustics, environmental noise and noise control. To complement our acoustical services, we also provide a wide range of acoustical products to cater for different noise issues. If you are facing a noise problem and not sure which category it fits, contact us and you will have the solutions.


We are able to help you in identifying the noise issue that you're facing, provide you an acoustic treatment and construct it appropriately for you. Noise issue may be easily treated with some off-the-shelf products, but it can also be very complex. Not to worry! With our expertise and many years of experience, we can provide you a custom-build acoustic treatment.


A selection of our acoustical products can be easily installed. After a comprehensive discussion with us, you may purchase selected products online and we will ship it to you. We will provide you the product details and installation instructions to ensure that your noise problem is appropriately solved.


When room acoustics is critical in a project, call us in during the design stage. With our technical expertise & extensive experience in acoustic treatment, we are often asked to work hand in hand with architects and interior designers in the schematic and detailed design stage. We will highlight any potential acoustic issue before the actual construction work starts. This could save up a lot of capital, time, and effort. Sometime, clients are unaware of the acoustical aspects of a building, but you can up-end your design and create a building that is aesthetically pleasing & sound beautiful!

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