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Resonac™-M vibration damping compound is an extremely effective material in the suppression of vibration and vibration generated noise. The selective grading of its various inorganic material fillers dispersed in a polymeric binder, limit vibration and the generation of sound. Resonac™-M can be applied to metal deck roof, metal cladding, train carriages and lift cars.

Quantity: 25 liters per drum
Weight: 35 kg
Color: off-white
Fire Rating: class 0 (zero) on non-combustible substrate
Toxicity Index: 0.34

Product Information:
  • High effective in rain noise reduction applications
  • Resonac™-M is water-based and easy to apply using common spraying tools.
  • Suitable for use on primed steel, stainless steel aluminium and vitreous enamel panels that are used in tunnels, underground facilities, lift carriages, rain screens and passenger carrying vehicles.