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The reduction of transportation noise propagation can be effectively achieved by the use of PerMAP metal absorptive noise barrier. This is attained due to the screening effects of the barrier with the receiver protected in the acoustic shadow zone.

Thickness: 60 mm
Height: 500 mm high panels
Length: 2000 mm and 3000 mm
Density: 15 kg/m³ - 30 kg/m³
Material: zincalume® with anti-glare coating
STC: 32
NRC: 0.9

Product Information:
  • Effective sound absorption at dominant frequencies of vehicular traffic noise (250 Hz - 1000 Hz)
  • Able to withstand gust wind speed up to 35m/s
  • Light-weight / Nominal loading on parapet wall
  • Weather resistant
  • Maintenance free

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