Kilargo Door Seals

Kilargo Door SealsKilargo Door SealsKilargo Door SealsKilargo Door SealsKilargo Door Seals
  • Kilargo Door Seals
  • Kilargo Door Seals
  • Kilargo Door Seals
  • Kilargo Door Seals
  • Kilargo Door Seals

Professionally manufactured to exacting standards, Integrity Architectural Seals have been developed by Kilargo in Australia for use in modern healthcare, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

The seals provide an exceptional, cost-effective solution for:
  • insulating sound
  • limiting the spread of fire and smoke
  • improving energy efficiency
  • preventing weather infiltration


A heavy duty, automatic door bottom seal designed for high-performance acoustic door systems. This seal can be face-fixed, semi-rebated or fully mortised into the bottom edge of single action doors. The seal has a spring loaded mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor, in a parallel motion, as soon as the door is opened. Pressure against the door jamb on the adjustable brass strike button operates the seal automatically.

Length: 920 mm (available in other standard lengths)
Color: silver anodised aluminium with grey nylon


The IS7080si is aesthetically designed, compact perimeter seal, proven to be effective acoustic, cold smoke, light and weather seals. It can be installed in lieu of a door stop on both steel and timber door frames (where frames are non fire-rated). The fixing holes are pre-drilled and slotted to allow the seal to be adjusted and positioned accurately. A decorative cover strip is supplied to conceal fixings.

Length: 1000 mm & 2250 mm
Color: silver anodised aluminium with grey cover strip

Product Information:
  • Acoustic ratings tested to ISO140.3
  • Fire tested to AS1530 Part 4
  • Conforms to BCA Specification C3.4 for smoke door
  • Durability tests demonstrating over 100,000 open and close cycles
  • Antimicrobial (reduce the growth of harmful organisms)
  • Designed for access & mobility
  • Greatly assist in reducing air movement within buildings, hence improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.