ArTAC Artistic Acoustic Panels - Unlimited design, endless possiblities

ArTAC seamlessly combine our proven acoustical technology with unlimited design and style options to blend with your existing décor, making it the perfect option for restaurants/dining rooms,home theaters, music rooms, meeting rooms and any spaces with acoustical concerns.

ArTAC acoustic panel employs a state-of-the art heat printing process to transfer an image onto an acoustically transparent fabric. Once printed, the images are permanent, the colors briliant and the continuous tones equivalent to original artwork. Unlike oil based fabric printing, the process contains no VOC emissions, no nasty chemicals, no mutagens and no carcinogens.

With ArTAC Panel, you can transform an acoustic panel into a work of art featuring a digital picture - or a functional billboard with your logo or advertisment.

Use a single panel for an accent or combine multiple panels for impact.

The possibility is endless, limited only by your imagination.

Why bother with acoustic panels?

Have you ever wondered why it's so noisy in the restaurants / pubs that you can't hear yourself?

Or why every word from your mouth is amplified in a empty lift lobby?

Or why intelligibility is so bad in a big meeting room?

They all point to a common acoustic problem; high reverberation levels.

Reverberation condition of a space is primarily impacted by the finishing materials. When the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in hard and smooth finishes in an enclosed space, it becomes very reverberant due to the multiple sound reflections off the hard and smooth surfaces resulting in undesirable interference to the sound source and the listeners.

ArTAC acoustic panels provides the much needed acoustic absorption to the menacing sound reflections, hence providing an optimized accoustic enviroment to the users of the space.

Hear the difference for a meeting room treated with ArTAC absoptive acoustic panels
Before and After



Examples of Installation
  • Wall / Ceiling Mouted
  • Free Standing
  • Baffle / Cloud